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Business Intelligence Using Smart Techniques: Environmental Scanning Using Text Mining and Competitor Analysis Using Scenarios and Manual Simulation, Revised Edition

  • “This book tackles a complex and critical subject-how to examine the external environment for opportunities and threats. The focus is on text mining and analysis. The author outlines a fictional company and asks the reader to act as a strategic  analyst to retrieve real environmental information related to the business. Discusses,  in detail: environmental scanning, text mining, competitor analysis, and scenario and simulation analysis. Shows how to use these techniques to convert real information into business intelligence. Well written and practical. Highly recommended.” 
  •    “STERN’S MANAGEMENT REVIEW” (http://www.hrconsultant.com)
  • “These days, the really important element of success is the gathering and analysis of business intelligence, knowing what one’s competitors are doing in order to plan effectively. Business Intelligence Using Smart Techniques by Charles Halliman ... details how one can examine the business environment for threats and opportunities through a technique he  calls ‘text mining.’ From publicly available online information, he demonstrates the art and science of gathering and analyzing the world of data available.”
  •    BOOKVIEWS (http://www.bookviews.com/#business)
  • Marketing Advents (“[Text mining is described in a] somewhat arcane but, perhaps, breakthrough book by ... consultant, Charles Halliman”)
  • “In his book Business Intelligence Using Smart Techniques ... consultant Charles Halliman explores environmental scanning and business analysis with related ideas that can potentially improve a company’s strategic position.” 
  •     The American Marketing Association [AMA]

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