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  Strategic Management and Issue Resolution Consulting for Primary Care Practices

  We Help Primary Care Practices Integrate Patient-Centered Processes into the Practices

Welcome to Information Uncover. We are a strategic management consulting company.  We have been in business for over twenty years. We help primary care practices make strategic decisions, resolve issues, and navigate the overfat industry. Overfat can include obesity, overweight and other forms of excess body fat. We can work with a practice to help them integrate patient-centered, value-based processes into the practice.

We continually review and analyze information related to the healthcare industry, with a special focus on the overfat-related elements of the healthcare industry. Our review and analysis allow us to learn about research, issues, and new methods that can enable a primary care practice to integrate patient-centered processes into the practice. These processes target diseases such as overfat, and diseases associated with overfat. These processes can improve outcomes and lower costs. The activities we engage in can help us help practices identify actions they can take to seize opportunities and avoid threats. One of the activities we engage in is called environmental scanning and analysis. This is where we examine the business environment.

We keep abreast of the overall healthcare industry. We also examine the overfat industry environment on an ongoing basis. We attend healthcare industry events, including conferences and Webinars, and we frequently talk with healthcare experts. So, we have ample access to healthcare and overfat industry information. We can provide services that can boost a practice's chances of making the right decisions, resolving issues and meeting objectives.

In the past, we concentrated on the aerospace industry, the computer industry, the air bag industry, and the health care industry. Several years ago, we began applying our expertise exclusively to the overfat segment of the health care industry.

Here are some of the things we can do: We can help a practice integrate processes into the practice that deal with chronic diseases such as overfat and related diseases. We can work with a practice to determine which competitors, and other environmental forces, might affect the practice. We can help a practice establish internal objectives. And we can help a practice resolve strategic issues.

Here is one thing we don't do: We don't reveal the names of those to whom we are providing or have provided services.  

In summary, we focus on overfat and related diseases. We help a primary care practice integrate processes into the practice that provide patient-centered services to patients. These processes can improve outcomes and lower costs. We help a practice better navigate the healthcare industry. We help the practice resolve issues and establish objectives.  And we keep the relationship we have with the practice confidential.

Many of the methods we use are discussed in the book, Business Intelligence Using Smart Techniques: Environmental Scanning Using Text Mining and Competitor Analysis Using Scenarios and Manual Simulation, Revised Edition. See book-review excerpts (first edition) under Book Information and at Amazon.com.

We focus on the overfat industry. You can take a look at our Overfat Industry News Bibliography to get an idea of what has been going on in the industry. We have stop updating the bibliography, however, the citations can still be useful. You should take a look at our company blog to read about overfat business environmental issues and developments. On the blog, you will often see strategic approaches a primary care practice might use to deal with business related issues and clinical practice related developments.

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